ESCO® Wire Rope Rigging

ESCO pioneered the design and widespread use of modern swaging materials and techniques – the press, the dies and fittings. All parts are engineered to close tolerances to work together as a total system.

Stainless Steel Swage Sleeves

These swage sleeves are cast with the popular ESCO 40SS stainless steel, created specifically for swaging. High initial ductility allows ESCO stainless steel to flow evenly around the wire rope during swaging, for total gripping strength and extremely high crack and fracture resistance. During swaging, ESCO stainless steel hardens more than any other swaging steel to provide toughness, on-the-job durability and corrosion resistance.

Duplex Sleeves

ESCO stainless steel duplex sleeves provide the quickest and simplest way to make strong swaged turnback eyes in wire rope. Duplex sleeves permit easy adjustment of eye size. Grommets, plain eyes and tight thumbed eyes can be made quickly and precisely every time without splicing or die changes.

Stainless Steel Duplex Sleeves

Single Sleeves

ESCO offers the strength and durability of stainless steel single sleeves specifically designed for use with the Flemish eye splice. During swaging, tough stainless steel surrounds the splice, increasing the strength of the splice and preventing unlaying when the wire rope is under load. It also protects the splice, preventing damage from accidental abuse on the job. The tapered elliptical design permits easy rope insertion and encloses the wire ends.

Stainless Steel Single Sleeves

Swage Sockets

Holerite® cast stainless steel swage sockets provide the industry’s widest variety of socket styles. Holerite swage sockets are available in conventional open and closed styles, and a bail style accommodates shackles or other rigging attachments. These swage sockets are made with ESCO 40SS stainless steel.

Holerite swage sockets feature:

  • ESCO 40SS stainless steel alloy that maintains toughness at temperatures as low as -60°F
  • A tapered shank that provides a gradual but firm swaged grip on rope strands dampening vibration and torsion stresses
  • Eliminates the heat and acid problems common with zinc sockets
Swage Sockets

Cast Screwy® Choker Ferrules

Cast Screwy choker ferrules feature an innovative cast Screwy contour that matches the contour of the wire rope, maximizing contact between the ferrule and rope for greater grip strength.

Cast Screwy choker ferrules provide:

  • The tapered end design eases insertion into choker hooks and butt hooks
  • Rifling provides more gripping surface and greater holding power
Cast Screwy Choker Ferrules

Screwy® Drumline Ferrules

Screwy drumline ferrules incorporate the cast Screwy design in a shorter ferrule, designed specifically for attaching winch lines to winch drum pockets.

Screwy Drumline Ferrules

Carbon Steel Single Swage Sleeves

ESCO carbon steel single sleeves are manufactured from specially selected steels that are carefully formed and produced using a custom heat treating process. The result is a sleeve that provides accurate rope fit and maximum material performance during swaging and on the job. ESCO carbon steel single swage sleeves are available in sizes to fit wire rope from 1/4″ to 2-1/2″.

Carbon Steel Single Swage Sleeves

Machined Chocker Ferrules and End Fittings

ESCO offers choker ferrules and end fittings machined from tough steels, engineered specifically for swaging applications. Manufactured to exacting specifications and continuously monitored to ensure the highest quality, these ferrules are available in popular sizes at competitive prices.

ESCO Machined Chocker Ferrules and End Fittings

Wedge Type Ferrules

ESCO ferrules are made of high strength alloy steel and feature a two-piece wedge that is rifled to provide more gripping surface on the wire rope strands and greater holding power.

ESCO machined wedge-type ferrules permit the make up or repair of chokers and winch lines in minutes – no molten socket metal or swaging equipment is required. Wedge type ferrules may be applied with ESCO Socketfast® resin. Wedge-type ferrules are intended only for use with new 6 x 19 class, 6 x 37, 7 x 19, or 7 x 37 class, right regular lay, EIP, IWRC rope made to U.S. specifications.

ESCO Wedge Type Ferrules

Zinc Ferrules

Rugged ESCO zinc ferrules are made of shock- and abrasion-resistant alloy steel for maximum durability. These ferrules are designed to fit Bardon choker hooks, ensuring easy installation and trouble-free performance.

ESCO zinc ferrule

Socketfast® Resin Compound

ESCO Socketfast Resin enables the quick production and installation of wire rope assemblies that provide 100% of rated break strength and maximum resistance to shock and fatigue.

ESCO’s Socketfast resin is:

  • Reliable over a wide range of temperatures – from 200°F to -65°F (95°C to -55°C).
  • Helpful in reducing installation hazards through its convenient two-part liquid system.
  • Able to provide full catalog break strength for wire rope assemblies after curing for one hour at 70°F (21°C).
ESCO Socketfast Resin Compound


ESCO used its casting experience to design casing and choker and slip through thimbles.

Casing and Choker Thimbles

These thimbles protect and cradle braided sling eyes for longer service life and are cast in tough ESCO alloy material for superior performance. The unique cast tab design peens over more easily to protect and retain the rope.

ESCO casing thimble

Slip Through Thimbles

These thimbles are cast in tough ESCO alloy for reliable performance. The design allows one thimble to pass
through the eye of another to create a choker sling. The innovative cast tab design is easier to bend over, and the thimble supports the rope eye for greater strength. Durable ESCO alloy steel protects the rope from wear on the job.

ESCO slip through thimble


ESCO Swagers utilize an open jaw configuration coupled with a mechanical design that leverages relatively low 2,000 PSI hydraulic force to deliver swaging force. Lower system pressure lengthens the component lifespan and reduces maintenance and operating costs.

ESCO swagers features:

  • Quick change dies with ESCO’s slide-in/slide-out design
  • An electric foot pedal controls solenoid operated control valve
  • Swage cycle time range from 8 to 20 seconds, depending on the model
  • 2,000 PSI hydraulic force to deliver 200 to 1,200 tons of swaging force, depending on model
ESCO swager used with wire rope rigging

Swager Power Units

ESCO engineers developed faster hydraulic power units to improve performance and reduce cycle time on older ESCO Swagers. The self-contained power unit stands beside the press and is controlled by an electronic foot pedal, which activates a solenoid control valve. A built-in limit switch reduces die wear and breakage, while minimizing stress on the swager.

Here’s what you get with the Swager Power Units:

  • Hour meter built-in to schedule maintenance
  • A filter gauge indicates when filter needs service
  • Site gauge indicates oil level and temperature
ESCO swager power unit

Swaging Dies

ESCO swaging dies are precision manufactured using premium quality tool steel. ESCO makes adapters that allow use of standard ESCO Dies and ESCO swaging systems with other brand swagers. ESCO Die Gauges provide an easy and accurate way for operators to check the condition of their ESCO Swage Dies. Regular checking allows operators to monitor the condition of their dies and to identify when a die is reaching the end of its usable life. By ordering ahead, operators can then eliminate lost production time and maintain the highest quality swaged assembly standards.

ESCO swaging dies are made in three block sizes:

  • 2″ x 3-1/2″ end dimension. Working Load Limit (WLL) 200 tons jaw pressure. Use on ESCO Mark 75 and Mark
    87 Swagers. Weight: 11-16 pounds per set.
  • 2-1/2″ x 5″ end dimension. WLL 500 tons jaw pressure. Use on ESCO Mark 100 and Mark 150 Swagers. Can be
    used on Mark 200 and Mark 250 swagers with an adapter. Do not exceed 500 ton WLL. Weight 25-40 pounds per set.
  • 4″ x 7″ end dimension. WLL 1200 tons jaw pressure. Use on ESCO Mark 250 Swagers. Weight 90-134 pounds per set.
ESCO socket swaging dies
ESCO ferrule swaging dies

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