ESCO® Waterway Dredge Cutterheads with GeoVor® Tooth Systems

ESCO Waterway Dredge Cutterheads with GeoVor Tooth Systems
ESCO supplies the most advanced and productive cutterheads, wear replacement parts and accessories to the growing and ever-changing dredging industry.

We offer cutterheads for hard rock, sand and clay dredging applications. ESCO is the leader in hard rock dredging and showcase our expertise with the GeoVor waterway dredge tooth system.

ESCO rock cutterheads, sand and clay cutterheads are custom designed and manufactured to meet each specific requirement and offer the following advantages:

ESCO dredge rock cutterhead with GeoVor tooth system

ESCO Rock Cutterheads

  • Hub-mounted teeth which assist cutter suction dredges with hydraulically-advanced spuds to step forward
  • Optional ring-mounted teeth to provide extra wear protection
  • The arm openings are designed with controlled clearance, subject to customer requirements
  • Tooth roll angle is set specifically for pick point usage
  • Tooth angle of attack is set to deliver maximum dredging performance in hard rock
ESCO Dredge Sand and Clay Cutterheads

ESCO Sand and Clay Cutterheads

  • Special arm-to-hub joints create full openings at the hub, providing
    minimum overlap between point tips and the adjacent arm
  • Optional ring-mounted teeth to provide extra wear protection
  • The arm openings are designed with maximum clearance, subject to customer requirements
  • Above centerline points are available to dredge sand, clay or mixtures. Points have maximum wear metal with minimum throwaway metal

ESCO® GeoVor® Dredge Tooth System


The GeoVor system features a distinctive hammerless lock that was developed to improve productivity and lower overall operating costs. ESCO dredging systems provide unsurpassed reliability and wear resistance that is field-proven.

Advanced Lock Design

  • Hammerless for safety
  • Simplified installation and removal
  • Positioned for easy access

Reduced Maintenance

  • Greater point life increases uptime
  • Faster tooth changes limits downtime
  • Unique nose profile increases service life

Lower Operating Costs

  • Better penetration improves production
  • Less energy required for penetration
  • Higher percentage of usable point wear metal
ESCO Dredge Cutterheads GeoVor wing adapter

GeoVor wing adapter used with sand and clay cutterheads.

ESCO Dredge Cutterheads GeoVor Pick Point

GeoVor Pick Point

ESCO Dredge Cutterheads GeoVor Chisel Point

GeoVor Chisel Point

ESCO Dredge Cutterheads GeoVor Flare Point

GeoVor Flare Point

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