ESCO® UltraHaul® Truck Bodies

ESCO UltraHaul Truck Bodies
The ESCO truck bodies continue our company’s tradition of delivering innovative field-proven products that improve mine productivity and safety. The ESCO truck body’s enhanced material flow reduces wear, carry-back and unscheduled maintenance.

The advanced profile offers optimal payloads and faster cycle times while reducing tire damage and load spillage. Upgrade your fleet to the ESCO truck body for improved performance and payload optimization.

Custom Configuration

Each truck body is engineered according to the site- specific material conditions and loading tools for optimal payloads and fuel efficiency.

Faster Cycle Times

The curved sidewalls require less bucket lift during loading – reducing fuel consumption and cycle times.

Improved Material Capture

The wider target area provides easier loading and improved material retention.

Greater Payload Retention

The curved rear tail reduces load spillage during travel.

Reduced Carryback

The floor-to-sidewall transitions are curved to improve material flow during dumping to reduce carry-back.

Less Hang-up

The curved tail ejects material over the berm to minimize material build-up in front that will interfere with the truck body tail.

ESCO Truck Body
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UltraLightTM Truck Body

UltraLight Truck Body
UltraLight Truck Body
UltraLight Truck Body

Customized, high-tech truck bodies help reduce material spillage and increase productivity.

The ESCO UltraLightTM truck bodies are engineered to be lighter by using less steel with the application of special alloys.

This UltraLight profile combined with manufacturing technology produces a lighter weight truck body that can haul more ore per trip, reducing fuel consumption while improving productivity.

  • Less fuel consumption
  • Less material recycling at end of life
  • Less tire damage

Our specialized team of engineers can provide an operations improvement proposal based on your site conditions and operational objectives. ESCO truck bodies were developed to increase capacity, reduce chance of spillage and provide more wear resistance – our team will work with your site personnel to deliver a design for greater productivity and performance.

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