ESCO® Track Pro Asset Tracking System

Track Pro system app on mobile phone
ESCO developed the Track Pro system to assist construction, utility and mining operations manage their attachments inventory using GPS. Secure an ESCO Track Pro wireless tracking device to your valuable equipment and monitor it on the desktop portal or mobile application (iOS or Android).

The Track Pro system is a comprehensive tool that can locate assets, provide a detailed history of each, identify available replacement parts and the associated maintenance collateral.

The Track Pro system will also significantly reduce the time and expense of inventory management; and will limit the misplacement of high value inventory. The result is improved asset management, lower operating costs and better service to your customers.

The system offers an Application Programming Interface (API) in a standardized format that provides direct access to asset location data. Owners of mixed fleets of equipment and assets can use this data in an application of their choosing, reducing the number of applications needed to manage assets.

ESCO Track Pro – Hardware Features

  • Active GPS location
  • Locate attachments remotely
  • Location-based on last transmit
  • Geofencing and alerts capability
  • Editable bills of material
  • Rated for industrial applications
  • Weatherproof
  • Long-life battery
  • Global coverage
ESCO Track Pro Hardware attached on bucket

Worldwide Coverage


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