ESCO® Products for Motor Graders

Bucyrus BladesTM Rolled Steel Grader Blades

Bucyrus Blades rolled steel product options include:

  • ForgeTemp® high-carbon grader blades for the most economical solution in high-abrasion, low-impact applications
  • MaxTemp® heat-treated, through-hardened blades to provide a balance between wear resistance and impact breakage
  • Surface hardened grader cutting edges provides maximum wear resistance. Unique shape is self-sharpening for maximum penetration
  • End bits and overlay end bits help protect the moldboard, while extending the life of cutting edges
  • MaxTemp serrated grader blades are available in select sizes
Bucyrus Blades Rolled Steel Grader Blades on motor graders
Bucyrus Blades Rolled Steel Grader Blade

Infinity® 2000 Grading System

The innovative Infinity 2000 grading system replaces conventional grader blades with rotating, replaceable tungsten carbide bits which are used for reclaiming gravel roads or haul roads.

The Infinity system gives you:

  • Grader blades that last as long as 5 to 15 sets of standard blades
  • Reduced dust and brings larger gravel particles to the top of the road surface
  • Heavy-duty mining system with 3/4″ bolt holes available for haul roads
Infinity 2000 Grading System

ESCO® All-CastTM Blades

ESCO offers All-Cast blades and end bits for select popular graders. The products are designed specifically to match the requirements of each individual model to ensure optimum performance. In addition to individual components, a comprehensive package of kits are available containing the blades and bolt package required to upgrade a machine.

All-Cast blade benefits:

  • Engineered to stay sharp for more efficient cutting
  • Long life ensures maximum machine availability
  • Cast steel resists severe impact, reducing the chance of breakage
  • Can last up to 2-3 times longer than rolled steel blades in severe conditions
ESCO All-Cast Blades

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