ShovelMetrics - Gen. 3, powered by proven machine learning algorithms trained on two decades of mining data, provides accurate and reliable information in the toughest mining environments. More than 80 mines worldwide trust ShovelMetrics to increase safety and operations productivity.

Now available with industry-leading 3D imaging technology to bring you the most advanced shovel monitoring service on the market. With support for all types of shovels, excavators, and backhoes, ShovelMetrics Gen. 3 is a fully managed shovel monitoring service.

ShovelMetrics System on Cable Shovel Machine
LoaderMetrics Missing Tooth Detection Icon

Missing Tooth Detection

Mitigate the risk of dangerous and costly crusher obstructions by alerting shovel operators to missing teeth.

ShovelMetrics Tooth Wear Monitoring Icon

Tooth Wear Monitoring

Optimize tooth change-out intervals by monitoring wear.

BeltMetrics Particle Size Analysis Icon

Particle Size Analysis

Optimize drill and blast parameters with real-time particle size data.

ShovelMetrics Payload Monitoring Icon

Payload Monitoring

Maximize productivity with bucket-by-bucket payload monitoring.

LoaderMetrics Blind Spot Reduction Icon

Blind Spot Reduction

Reduce the likelihood of equipment collisions with real-time surveillance views.

Fragments captured on loader
Particle Size Analysis
LoaderMetrics Missing Tooth Detection Monitoring
Missing Tooth Detection

Like all Motion Metrics products, ShovelMetrics interfaces with our centralized data analysis platform, MetricsManager Pro. Users with authorized credentials can receive automated SMS and email event notifications, in-depth performance reports, equipment activity logs, and particle size data from anywhere. Motion Metrics recognizes the importance of interoperability and will work with other vendors to ensure our solutions interface with your existing software.

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