Improve the efficiency, safety, and accuracy of your blast assessment.

PortaMetrics Gen 2 uses artificial intelligence and 3D imaging to provide accurate data without the need for a reference scaling object. It does not require calibration and can be used to verify blasting results or provide coverage where other particle size analysis systems are not installed. Particle size analysis is available on the device and in the cloud.

PortaMetrics can be used in both open pit and underground operations with adequate lighting.

  • Portable particle size analysis
  • No scaling objects required
male using PortaMetrics on site
PortaMetrics Hardware Front Display
PortaMetrics Image Viewer

Minimum particle size detected

3 cm (1.18”)

Average error for particle size measurement


Calibration free


Scaling reference free


Resistant to dusty environments and rain

Yes, IP64 certified

Battery life

3 hrs, swappable batteries


7,000 logs

Display size



3.6 kg

Like all Motion Metrics products, PortaMetrics interfaces with our centralized data analysis platform, MetricsManager Pro. Users with authorized credentials can access particle size data from anywhere to verify and improve the effectiveness of blasting parameters. Motion Metrics recognizes the importance of interoperability and will work with other vendors to ensure our solutions interface with your existing software.

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