ESCO® Mining Hoe Buckets and Accessories

ESCO buckets deliver top performance while reducing downtime to a minimum. The advanced line of ESCO buckets showcase decades of innovative product design and state-of-the-art manufacturing that is backed by industry-leading expertise in metallurgy.
ESCO Mining Hoe Bucket in the field

Enhanced Productivity

Payload optimized to site material density with a balance between maintenance requirements versus capacity
Increased machine availability using high-strength steel fabricated to exacting specifications
Industry-leading Nemisys® lip system provides unmatched reliability and service life

Reduced Maintenance

Enhanced beam shapes, configuration, and weld-joint designs distribute stresses for increased durability
Lower maintenance costs by site-tailored wear protection proven to lower costs over competitive systems
Fewer and faster wear parts replacement with the reliable Nemisys® lip system

ESCO Mining Hoe Bucket Duty Class

Selecting the ESCO bucket duty class best suited to the target mining application is essential to maximize bucket life, minimize maintenance and reduce the chance of unplanned downtime.


General-purpose standard-duty application

  • Well-blasted
  • Re-handling
  • Dirt / Coal
  • Low density
  • Low impact


Heavy-duty application

  • Blasted or easily fractured rock and ore
  • Overburden
  • Medium-density
  • Medium impact
ESCO Mining HD Hoe Bucket


Extra heavy-duty application

  • Severe duty
  • Un-blasted hard rock
  • Heavy ore
  • High density
  • High impact
ESCO Mining XHD Hoe Bucket

Nemisys® Mining Tooth System

ESCO mining-class hydraulic excavator buckets come standard with the Nemisys tooth system for both cast and plate lip configurations – unsurpassed performance for surface mining machines in all applications.

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