ESCO® Metal Recycling Products

ESCO Cast Recycling Hammers
ESCO recycling products offer the highest performance with well-designed and field proven parts that have long wear life, consistent fits and provide economic value. ESCO experience and quality products can easily support the largest and the smallest recycling operations with parts programs tailored to their specific requirements.

Cast Recycling Hammers

ESCO offers a wide variety of replacement hammers to fit all popular machines in the recycling industry, giving customers the lowest replacement cost per ton. ESCO recycling hammers are available in OEM versions and enhanced designs that provide maximum performance.

  • Custom designs that ensure productivity for any application requirements
  • Multiple engineered lifting eye options to provide easier and safer installation
  • Weight-efficient hammer profiles deliver maximum wear life
ESCO Cast Recycling Hammers

Grates and Structural Parts

ESCO offers a wide selection of grate and structural products in tough alloys that ensure scrap processing machinery will perform at peak levels month to month, and year to year.

The benefits of an ESCO designed grate or structural component are:

  • Large selection of designs in a variety of configurations ensures maximum machine performance
  • High strength grate designs, multiple opening sizes, shapes, and configurations are available to optimize productivity
  • Grates and structural components are available in a variety of ESCO manganese or low alloy steels that can be matched to the application
ESCO Grates and Structural Parts

Rotor Caps and End Disc Caps

ESCO offers a wide variety of rotor caps and end disc caps to fit all styles of shredders. All designs are enhanced over OEM versions for improved strength and durability and utilize optimized alloys to further increase the performance. 

ESCO’s rotor caps and end discs feature:

  • Rotor caps available in full helmet, two pin position and T-cap styles
  • Disc caps are available in U-shape and fully capped styles for maximum end disc protection
  • Large selection of existing designs from 150 lbs. to 1,250 lbs. to maximize production
ESCO Rotor Caps and End Disc Caps

ESCO® Feed Roll Tooth System

ESCO feed roll drum assemblies utilize ESCO’s patented tooth system. The ESCO feed roll tooth system provides a long lasting and easy-to-replace point featuring a reliable hammerless lock for improved site safety. The point profile is designed to penetrate the feed material for maximum traction.

Whether using an ESCO feed roll or installing the ESCO tooth system on any conventional drum, tooth replacement takes a fraction of the time over standard welded wear bar-style teeth for significantly reduced maintenance expense.

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