Inclusion and Diversity at Weir

At Weir, we are making a strong and public commitment to building an inclusive culture where our people feel they belong and can do their best work. We know this is critical to our future success as a business.
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Our Commitments

Inclusion and diversity are important aspects of our work culture, and Weir ESCO colleagues currently serve as ambassadors for our company’s first inclusion and diversity committee, helping to build a better future for the world.

Our Journey

Education, awareness and understanding are essential elements in creating change. We are listening and embracing transparency along the way.

It Begins with Us

We encourage our people to experience new cultures and work together to embrace new thinking. The ESCO division is also committed to increasing access and gender equity in our STEM workforce worldwide, encouraging students to pursue meaningful careers in the trades and related fields. 

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Weir Affinity Groups

The Weir ESCO Women’s Network was established in 2014 by women in Portland, Ore. The network has since expanded to global Weir, and the ESCO division has played a critical role in launching the company’s first Weir Pride Alliance in 2020.
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