ESCO® Fiber Processing Products

ESCO’s comprehensive product offering for fiber processing operations and ESCO application professionals can deliver results that are unmatched in the industry. In addition to offering premium components, ESCO provides a matched system – including chain, attachments, drive sprockets, idlers, drums and a complete wear protection package.

ESCO products are trusted worldwide

  • Better machine performance and productivity
  • Less maintenance and unplanned downtime
  • Improved site safety
ESCO Fiber Processing chain

ESCO Premium Cast Alloy Chains

ESCO Long Link Chain

Assemblies were developed to handle nearly any material including pulp wood, bark, chips, hot lime or ash. The square profile adds nearly 20% more wear metal than conventional round link chain. Integral cast flights provide a matched system for easier installation and maximum life.

ESCO Long Link Chain Left
ESCO Long Link Chain Right

ESCO XHC-Series Chain

The strongest, most wear resistant product available today – providing the most cost-effective value for customers. Cast in premium wear resistant alloys ensures the best balance between hardness and strength.

ESCO XHC155P-W-BL155M400 XHC-Series Chain
ESCO XHC159P-W-BL159AT1 XHC-Series Chain

ESCO Drag Chain

Manufactured with integrally cast sidebar pins to deliver positive alignment and trouble-free performance. Elliptical barrels have extra wear metal in the sprocket teeth contact areas which can easily extend chain life by 2-3 times over conventional fabricated chain.

ESCO Drag Chain

ESCO Segmental Ring Drive Sprocket Assembly

ESCO’s segmental ring is a significant advancement over existing technology. The tooth profile better matches ESCO conveying chain for a smoother start-up and a significant reduction in system wear.

The unique design is known to reduce replacement and maintenance costs by up to 50% or more. ESCO’s segmental design allows and simplifies replacement of only the worn components – and reduced maintenance leads to better productivity and improved site safety. 

When paired with ESCO chain, the sprocket configuration better maintains the optimum tooth face, increasing chain life 20% or more. In addition, ESCO’s matched system dramatically reduces the chance of unplanned downtime.

ESCO Segmental Ring Drive Sprocket Assembly

ESCO Bark Shredder Wear Components

ESCO is the only supplier that provides solid or two-piece hammers, complete grate systems, and new or rebuilt machine rotors. ESCO matched components ensure longer service life and a safer operation that delivers the desired quality of hogged fuel to the powerhouse.

ESCO Standard Sprocket Assemblies, Drums and Idlers

Specifically designed to operate at optimum system efficiency when matched with ESCO chain and accessories. The result is greater productivity with less unplanned downtime and lower operating costs.

ESCO Standard Sprocket Assemblies, Drums and Idlers

ESCO Bark Shredder Hammers

Premium cast alloy hammers are available in solid or two-piece versions to support a variety of machine makes and sizes. ESCO offers optional Infinity® E3® tungsten carbide overlay for maximum hammer life.
ESCO Jeff 50 2-pc Bark Shredder Hammer
ESCO Jeff 50 Solid Bark Shredder Hammer

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