ESCO® Face Shovel Buckets and Accessories

ESCO produces reliable, performance-driven face shovel fronts and backboards for the world’s most demanding mine sites. Available for 120 to 800-ton machine classes, sized to match site payload specifications.
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Increased Productivity and Superior Durability

Customized to meet site production requirements and material conditions
High-efficiency Nemisys® lip system provides unmatched reliability and wear life without extra weight
Engineered to site material density for the desired balance of maintenance and payload requirements
ESCO GET has field-proven lower cost of ownership compared to competitor systems
High-strength A514 steel fabricated to exacting weld specifications reduces maintenance costs with less chance of unplanned downtime
Buckets are developed to machine OEM guidelines including gross allowable load (GAL), pin-to-point, breakout force (BOF) and rated capacity
ESCO Face Shovel Fronts

Face Shovel Fronts

  • Longer wearing, easy-to-change wear parts provide more uptime for increased machine utilization
  • Exceptional lip and side plate protection with ESCO mechanical lip and wing shrouds
  • Industry-leading Nemisys lip and GET system lowers the operating cost per ton
  • Reliable cast hinge necks made from durable ESCO alloy 12T provides high strength to low weight ratio compared to fabricated hinges
  • Customized wear packages are available to increase overall service life

High strength cast alloy hinge necks

Best-in-class Nemisys® lip system

Cast or plate lip options

ESCO hydraulic face shovel standard features

OEM bushings

Custom wear liner protection packages

ESCO Face Shovel Backboards

Face Shovel Backboards

  • OEM bushings simplify maintenance and reduce inventory requirements.
  • Optimized backboard interior ribs and gussets provide superior strength and rigidity resulting in reliable performance and extended life
  • Customized wear packages are available to maximize life against abrasion and impact

Nemisys® Mining Tooth System

ESCO face shovel buckets come standard with the Nemisys tooth system for both cast and plate lip configurations – unsurpassed performance for surface mining machines in all applications.

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