ESCO® Excavator Lip and Tooth Systems

Ultralok® System for Excavators

The Ultralok tooth system value is based on the total cost of ownership. Fewer tooth changes for a machine’s operating time delivers more production at a lower cost. System reliability reduces unplanned downtime and less maintenance. All ESCO construction-class excavator buckets are fit with the first-in-class Ultralok tooth system. Weld-on adapters to fit all popular excavators are also available.

ESCO will-fit excavator lip assemblies feature the superior Ultralok tooth system. The lips provide an easy option to upgrade existing buckets to ESCO’s Ultralok tooth system when replacing worn lips.

ESCO Excavator Lip and Tooth Systems

Lip and Wing Shroud Options

Slim profile cast Toplok® lip and wing shrouds provide quick replacement with an easy-to-use mechanical lock. The system uses a weld-on boss for stabilization and does not require holes in the lip or wings which reduces the chance for cracking. Bolt-on cast wing shrouds and weld-on cast lip shrouds are also available. The wing shrouds fit all popular wing bolt patterns.
Lip and Wing Shroud Options - WSC90X360-1
Lip and Wing Shroud Options - TAW120X760-1
Lip and Wing Shroud Options

MaxDRPTM Plus Replacement Tooth System

Designed for safety and ease of use, ESCO’s MaxDRP Plus system utilizes a standard wrench on a unique hammerless pin and collar locking system. J-Series style assemblies are easily converted to MaxDRP Plus teeth with no modification to the existing adapter. In addition, ESCO alloys and enhanced point profiles provide exceptional performance.

MaxDRP Plus Replacement Tooth System - Standard Point
MaxDRP Plus Replacement Tooth System - Hammerless Locking System

MaxDRPTM OEM Replacement Components

MaxDRP products are direct replacements for OEM versions but provide increased wear life and superior reliability. MaxDRP products are engineered and manufactured to the same exacting standards as other ESCO systems to deliver exceptional performance.

MaxDRP OEM Replacement Components - STE Point
MaxDRP OEM Replacement Components - APL Point

Genuine Super V® Replacement Tooth System

Insist on Genuine ESCO SUPER V components to ensure optimum system reliability and machine performance. Super V provides greater reliability, more production and reduced downtime over generic copies.

V43RYL Super V Replacement Tooth System
V43SHV Super V Replacement Tooth System

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