Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Continuous safety, sustainability and environmental improvements worldwide.

Good Neighbor Agreement

Since 1913, ESCO Group LLC, a subsidiary of the Weir Group PLC, has a long contribution and proud history of manufacturing in the Portland area with a strong commitment to safety. In 2011, we negotiated with and enacted a legally binding contract, the first of its kind, called the Good Neighbor Agreement, which was aimed at transparently improving air emissions in Northwest Portland. In this agreement, ESCO sought input from neighbors and experts in the air quality field to reduce the air impact from our operations through 17 air quality improvement projects, while meeting with neighbors regularly to update on progress. 

These vast and outward commitments were undertaken at ESCO’s former Main Plant foundry, which was decommissioned in 2017, as well as the Plant 3 foundry, still in operation today. Every recommended emission reduction project was completed successfully at Plant 3, however, one project was not able to be completed at the Main Plant prior to its planned demolition. Implementation of these projects resulted in an approximate 99% reduction in complaints received by ESCO, compared to prior years.

The Good Neighbor Agreement formally concluded in 2018. All components that apply to Plant 3 operations are incorporated into our Title V Air permit under the “Best Work Practices Agreement.”

Cleaner Air Oregon

ESCO Group LLC is involved in Cleaner Air Oregon, a risk-based approach regulating air emissions, which have similar goals and outcomes to the Good Neighbor Agreement. Currently, we are a “Group 3” facility, meaning that we are low on the prioritization list for being “Called In” to the program. In other words, when comparing ESCO Group LLC’s operations to other Title V holders in Oregon, the risk to the public presented by our operations air emissions is comparatively low. The company has also submitted its Air Toxics Emission Inventory for 2020. 

ESCO Group LLC continues its commitment to safeguarding the local environment through an approximately $1 million investment in additional air emission controls at Plant 3 to improve the capture of fugitive air emissions.

Environmental Projects

Weir ESCO is engaged in Strategic Energy Management with the Energy Trust of Oregon to reduce energy use and subsequently the Scope 2 carbon emissions. We have also installed low-impact development in the form of a rain garden to reduce stormflows, filter stormwater and increase natural capital at the Plant 3 site. Weir ESCO is committed to continuous safety, sustainability and environmental improvements at all of its facilities around the world.

Visit global.weir/sustainability/

ESCO Portland Environmental Hotline

Do you have an environmental concern? Please contact us at (503) 597-4341 or visit the Portland Environmental Hotline.

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