ESCO® Dragline Rigging

ESCO rigging packages are optimized to eliminate unnecessary weight while providing simplified maintenance. Custom rigging packages are available for all bucket makes from small single rope machines through the largest two and four rope machines.

ESCO engineers analyze site requirements and develop the optimum rigging configuration for the application. ESCO rigging packages offer an unmatched balance of durability, functionality, and total weight.

  • Reduced weight allows additional bucket payload
  • Superior ESCO alloys provide greater strength and wear resistance
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ESCO Rigging Components

  • Cast sockets and wedges
  • Upper spreader bars
  • Delta® dump blocks
  • ProSeries chains
  • Box beam spreader bars
  • Ferrule sockets
  • Anchor links
  • Anchor brackets
  • Trunnion links
  • Hitch extensions and twisted H-links
  • Cast Y-links
ESCO Dragline Rigging ProFill
ESCO Dragline Rigging Delta Dump Block Assembly

Delta® Dump Block

ESCO® Dump Blocks

ESCO dump blocks are manufactured using cast block sides and cast sheaves. They utilize a bearing system with double the static and dynamic load rating of similar size blocks. 

Available in standard lug, reverse lug and rigid dump block options.

ESCO® ProSeriesTM Dragline Chain

We offer complete strands of chain for both ESCO and competitor dragline buckets. Available in both hoist and drag configurations, ESCO ProSeries rigging chain is engineered for optimum performance, strength and wear life. 

ESCO ProSeries dragline chain is fully cast in premium ESCO proprietary alloys. The ProSeries chain is engineered to provide a 12% increase in useable bite material and a 14% increase in bite area over the competition.

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Pear Link

Stud End Link

ESCO Dragline Rigging ProSeries Dragline Chain

ProLinkTM Mechanical Chain Link

The ESCO® ProLinkTM chain link offers faster, hammerless, and hotwork-free installation and removal – reducing downtime and increasing safety. 

At 20% lighter than comparable products, customers don’t need to sacrifice payload for higher performance. Easy rotation and additional wear metal in the bite allows increased productivity via longer duty cycles leading to lower total operating costs.

Key Benefits
  • Compatible with both hoist and drag chains – in any strand location
  • Quickly rotatable into four different positions for increased wear life
  • Hammerless installation with a pry bar or wrench
  • Up to 70% less chain maintenance downtime
  • Up to 30% lower maintenance time and costs
ESCO Dragline Rigging ProLink Mechanical Chain Link
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