ESCO® Dragline Lips and Tooth Systems

Nemisys® System for Dragline Buckets

The Nemisys lip system was developed to reduce lip rebuild requirements, simplify part replacement and lower maintenance costs.

ESCO Dragline Lips and Tooth Systems
Shrouds and adapters protect more of the lip leading edge
Wide range of tooth options to match any application
Shroud life increased by up to 30% with improved wear metal placement
Extended service life between lip rebuilds by up to 70%
Contoured profile promotes more efficient loading to reduce cycle times and increase production

Nemisys® Bucket Lip Options

ESCO offers straight lips or the innovative reverse spade lip (RSL) that provides faster fill times than conventional straight lips in hardpan. As the bucket with the RSL lip lifts to engage the cut, the center teeth are pulled out of the material, so the full digging force is concentrated on the outer teeth to help stabilize the bucket and provide maximum penetration and digging efficiency.

ESCO Nemisys Straight Lip

Straight Lip

ESCO Nemisys Reverse Spade Lip

Reverse Spade Lip

Nemisys® Mining Tooth System

Field-proven on machines worldwide, Nemisys points and adapters elevate machine performance above competitive systems – simplified replacement, longer wear life and increased productivity.

N1S Nemisys Point

Nemisys Point

N5H Standard and Wear Cap Adapters

Nemisys Intermediate Adapter

Unsurpassed performance and reliability

  • Enhances bucket loading for more production in less time
  • Proprietary alloys deliver superior wear life
  • Fully hammerless locking system improves site safety
  • Intermediate bridge adapters are available to upgrade select competitive lips to the Nemisys system

Pick the Best Tool for the Application

The Nemisys® system is available with a wide range of tooth shapes, adapter types and shroud duty classes to match your digging conditions.
ESCO Lip with Nemisys Tooth System
N7R Rock Nemisys Point
“R” Rock
N7R Rock Nemisys Point
N1SW1 Nemisys Point
“SW” Standard Wear Cap
N1SW1 Nemisys Point
N1S1 Nemisys Point
“S” Standard
N1S1 Nemisys Point
N5SBW Dragline Nemisys Point
“DG” Dragline
N5SBW Dragline Nemisys Point
N5V2 V-Bit Nemisys Point
“V” V-Bit
N5V2 V-Bit Nemisys Point
N5H Standard and Wear Cap Adapters
N5WC and N5W Wear Cap and Adapter

Standard and Wear Cap Adapters

ESCO Standard and XHD Shrouds - N5SH510
ESCO Standard and XHD Shrouds - N5SH510-XHD

Standard and XHD Shrouds

ESCO® Hinge Pin for Nemisys Shrouds

The Nemisys lip shrouds are held in place with the ESCO Hinge Pin featuring the unique Torque Wedge.

  • Easy to use and extremely reliable
  • Hammerless for increased site safety
  • Uses standard hex tools for installation
  • The pivoting action helps loosen compacted fines
  • Contains no rubber which can deteriorate over time

Torque Wedge

ESCO Hinge Pin for Nemisys Shrouds

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