ESCO® Ripper Products for Dozers

ESCO offers a variety of dozer product options for ripping applications.

Uni-LokTM Ripper System

ESCO’s Uni-Lok ripper system for dozers utilizes a shank manufactured from ESCO AR400 plate, a through-hardened material for maximum performance in the toughest application.

The Uni-Lok system is available in three options:

  • Rip-A-Pak kits to rebuild worn-out shanks
  • Cast alloy steel ripper shanks with Uni-Lok system
  • Fabricated ripper shanks with cast Uni-Lok noses

MaxDRPTM Plus Ripper Products

MaxDRP Plus hammerless DRP system for R-Series rippers are designed for safety and ease of use. The shank protector and point utilize a standard wrench on a unique pin and collar locking system, eliminating the need for swinging a hammer. No modifications to the ripper shank or nose are required to use this new system. In addition, ESCO alloys and point shapes provide up to 25% longer wear life for reduced maintenance costs.

Key Benefits

  • Easy installation and removal
  • Reusable pin and collar saves money
  • Slimmer profile, longer wear life
  • No change to shank required

Shank protector

Ripper point



ESCO MaxDRP Plus Ripper Assembly with Shank Protector and Ripper Point

ESCO Replacement Ripper Points

Field-proven ESCO replacement ripper points deliver significantly more resistance to impact than OEM points. High-quality, forged ripper points feature superior hardness and install easily with a precision fit to the shank nose.

The increased length over the OEM delivers longer wear life and the central rib adds strength. The self-sharpening profile maintains effective penetration throughout the ripper point’s life.

D375 Dozer in field with ESCO Ripper Point
ESCO Replacement Ripper Point for D375 Dozer

Bucyrus BladesTM DRP Ripper Points

Bucyrus Blades direct replacement parts for rippers includes centerline and penetration ripper points styles for R-Series dozers. You can trust our long history of metallurgical expertise and team of quality assurance professionals to deliver a product with the strength and fit dimensions required to keep machines running. With a competitively priced offering on the shelf, the right product is available when you need it.

ESCO Bucyrus Blades DRP Centerline Style Ripper Point

Centerline Style

ESCO Bucyrus Blades DRP Penetration Style Ripper Point

Penetration Style

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