ESCO® Cable Shovel Lips and Tooth Systems

Nemisys® and Whisler PlusTM Systems Developed Specifically for Cable Shovels

The Nemisys N90 system for Cable Shovels combines the Nemisys tooth system with the field-proven Whisler Plus adapters to provide a reliable, high-performance solution for even the most extreme cable shovel applications. 

Both point and adapter systems feature hammerless locking mechanisms for greater site safety and simplified replacement. The ESCO Whisler Plus lip system offers unsurpassed reliability and extended service over conventional cable shovel systems.

ESCO Cable Shovel Lips and Tooth Systems

Unsurpassed Durability

Proprietary alloy delivers up to 3 times the toughness over competitive systems
Single-piece castings eliminate potential failure on weld seams
Precision fitment reduces overall system wear for extended service before rebuild

ESCO Wide-radius Lip with the Nemisys System

The wide-radius profile provides better bucket penetration and increases production, with corner teeth cutting clearance for the dipper.

Nemisys® Mining Tooth System

  • Enhances loading with superior wear life
  • Features a fully hammerless locking system
  • Delivers full lip protection with the same shroud in all positions

Wide radius lip with Nemisys lip system and Nemisys N1 points

Nemisys N1 Point

Nemisys Intermediate Adapter

Nemisys Lip Shroud

Whisler PlusTM Lips with the Nemisys® System

ESCO’s Nemisys N90 offering combines two field-proven products – Nemisys and Whisler Plus systems – developed specifically for cable shovels. The Whisler Plus system was developed by ESCO by enhancement of the long-time standard Whisler system used on dipper lips. The result was an extremely durable and easier-to-use system.

Wide radius lip with Whisler Plus lip system and Nemisys N90 points

Square lip with Whisler Plus lip system and Nemisys N90 points

Nemisys N90 Point

Whisler Plus Lip Shroud

Whisler Plus Adapter

Whisler Plus Locking System

The ESCO system features a unique hammerless locking spool and wedge. Easy to use, reliable and provides improved site safety.

Ultralok® Mining Tooth System

ESCO has also developed the Ultralok® mining tooth system specifically for cable shovels. The tooth system is hammerless and is combined with Whisler Plus™ adapters.

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