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Weir ESCO Military Veterans and Their Lifetime of Service

11 November 2022

Heart, courage and conviction to serve and protect are the ties that bind Weir ESCO military veterans together. In a special Veterans Day feature, Weir ESCO wishes to thank and recognize employees who have honorably served the United States of America.

Of the six teammates featured, one colleague earned the Purple Heart. One joined the Navy with their best friend. For another, two sons have been deployed. For most, a military career was sparked by a desire to follow in their family’s footsteps. All agreed that military life exposed them to diverse world cultures and taught them teamwork and loyalty—values that have helped them transition back into family life, to pursue careers at Weir ESCO and to serve in other ways.

For one of Weir ESCO’s legacy charitable partners, American Red Cross, service to the armed forces runs deep. To support military families and veterans, Weir ESCO has committed a $5,000 donation to the Red Cross, building on a longtime partnership between the two organizations. Thanks to the continual support and personal contributions from employees in years past, Weir ESCO has donated blood, comfort care supplies and clothing to veterans.

To all who have served, including our Weir ESCO military veterans, thank you.

Robert Gadson, Shop Administrator, Phoenix, Arizona

Honorably served 10 years – U.S. Army – Licensed Practical Nurse and Combat Medic

“I am a Purple Heart recipient. I would not be standing here today if not for my best friend who saved my life. My experience instilled discipline, structure and self-motivation. To me, there is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer, so when I volunteered for the military, my promise to Americans was to serve with honor.” 

Glynda Cox, Senior SHE Manager, Newton, Mississippi

Honorably served 3 years – U.S. Army – Battalion Motor Pool, 7th Infantry Division

“I am a third-generation veteran, following my great uncle, uncle, brother and father. Serving three years in the army taught me both the value and importance of teamwork and self-discipline. Because of that, I tend to look for team cohesiveness. In my role as safety lead in Newton, I try to impart that team spirit to build a safer work culture.”

Misty Rogers, Regional Sales Operations Manager, Elko, Nevada

Two sons who honorably share a combined 16 years (and counting) of service – Deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey Syrian border

“What makes Veterans Day extra special for me each year? For the last 16 years and six deployments (Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey Syrian border), I have watched my sons put their lives in danger for our country, as well for other countries. I could not be more proud of them for their selfless contribution to serve and protect. I know that they will always be ready to serve in their communities and protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

Draper Robinson, Human Resources Business Partner, Portland, Oregon

Honorably served 12 years – U.S. Marine Corps – Combat Engineer

“My service in the United States Marine Corps is a major contributing factor to who I am and what I bring to my work every day. … I had opportunities to work together with great people to build things throughout the world, including a school in Benin Africa, and Trinidad and Tobago. Working together with the people of those areas, and my fellow Marines, to source difficult-to-find parts and build something positive and lasting in those communities is one of the highlights of my time in service to my country. … While the challenges might look different today, I still get a great sense of accomplishment from connecting with a great team and accomplishing the mission.”

Clarence Kinsey, Manufacturing Team Leader, Phoenix, Arizona

Honorably served 12 years – U.S. Army National Guard – Armoured Cavalry Tank Commander and TAMMS Clerk   

“[In high school], my best friend and I happened to see a sign to join the army. The next day, he and I went down and signed up. … In the tank, other people are counting on you to make correct decisions—and the right decisions—so that taught you leadership. … Before I came to work for ESCO, I worked for two separate contractors for 12 years at mine sites, working on the equipment that we [employees] build here. We have welders and those in various trades. Not a lot of them have had experience in mining, so with my experience in mining and my leadership training in the military, it [joining ESCO] felt like the perfect combination.” 

Mike Jefferson, Site Manager, Covington, Kentucky

Honorably served four years – U.S. Navy – USS Virginia – Seaman and Hull Technician

“I grew up in a small town about 30 miles from the ESCO site. I wanted to explore my education and chose to go to vocational school to become a welder. I joined the navy after that. As a seaman and hull technician, I learned every aspect of the ship. Going into the military opened up my exposure to a more diverse world, teaching me loyalty, commitment, honor and courage.”

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