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National Hispanic Heritage Month 2022: Rooted in History, Guided by Tradition

15 September 2022

What part of your heritage do you bring with you to work?

For three Weir ESCO colleagues of Latino and Hispanic descent, the answer is deeply rooted in family, history, culture and tradition, passed down from generation to generation.

Three short stories, inspired by National Hispanic Heritage Month (NHHM) this September, and narrated by employees, are moments of reflection and pride. You will learn why honoring their heritage is so important to them.

NHHM recognizes and celebrates those of Hispanic and Latino background who have made significant contributions to nation’s culture and history . While commonly observed in the U.S. from 15 September – 15 October, the month-long event is important, because it honors the independence anniversaries for Latin American countries, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In addition, Mexico and Chile’s independence days fall within the month.

We are honored to feature U.S.-based team members with backgrounds from all over the globe, recognizing that no matter where you are from, at Weir ESCO, you belong.

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