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Employee Spotlight: Tielly Castro on Building a Career Through Solving Complex Customer Problems

Tielly Castro |  Product Engineering Analyst  |  Betim, Brazil 
Joined Weir ESCO in March 2008

12 July 2022

Tielly Castro has a passion for solving problems. She loves delving into the complexities of a customer’s unique needs. And she’s thrilled when her analyses, 3-D drawings, production strategies and shop-floor collaborations result in a successful, manufacturable product for the customer.

But Tielly is more than a passionate problem-solver. She’s an enthusiastic solutionist, a person who makes an occupation of solving puzzles.

It’s common for mining customers to have challenging wear or productivity problems with their equipment. That’s where Tielly comes in. “I’m always looking for better ways to collect information about what the customer needs and figure out solutions,” she says. “I also need to know everything about the processes we use in the shop—fabrication, machining, assembly, etc.—to guarantee that the product I design is manufacturable.”

Occasionally, that means Tielly needs to do some reverse engineering, including going into the field to take measurements and photos or gather other documentation from the customer that will help her create the right solution.

“I’m very proud of the incredible projects I’ve done here over the last 11 years,” she shares. “I’m proud to apply the broad capabilities we have in Brazil to create better solutions for our customers.”

Tielly joined Weir ESCO in 2008 as an intern focused on manufacturing processes. She quickly became a design drafter and was then promoted to process engineering analyst. After taking a year off to study customer service management in Canada (along with her husband who also works for Weir ESCO) and brief stint with another company expanding her knowledge of materials composition, Tielly returned to Weir ESCO.

Today, as a product engineering analyst working in the city of Betim, Tielly spends her days doing what is most meaningful to her: interacting with customers, tailoring a product solution to meet their needs and following her creation through to completion.

“I love what I do,” she says enthusiastically. “I know that I’m doing my best and so pleased when I get positive feedback from customer. I also enjoy when my colleagues say that I can solve any problem because I think in a multidisciplinary way.”

Tielly is proud of her accomplishments at Weir ESCO, in part because she often has been the lone woman on teams with 12 to 15 members. But she says she has never let that be a problem for her.

“Weir ESCO is a company committed to the well-being of its employees and encourages good relationships,” she says. “I would encourage people thinking about joining us to visualize the possibility for professional growth, to see yourself as a contributor to the company’s results. Bring new ideas and be open-minded, including to greater diversity in the workplace.”

Come make your mark.

Join Tielly and our diverse, award-winning teams to make innovative and highly engineered products for the mining and infrastructure industries.
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