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Employee Spotlight: Ahmed Lashin Leverages Broad Experiences to Build Market Share in the Middle East

Ahmed Lashin

Regional Manager, Middle East   |  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Joined Weir ESCO in 2019 

11 April 2023

There came a point in Ahmed Lashin’s life when he wondered if his career was going anywhere. After studying logistics, supply chain management and engineering at university, he worked in marketing, account management and logistics. He enjoyed these disparate fields, but felt his career lacked focus and was lagging. Then, in 2011, he had a breakthrough.

“I was always feeling that I was behind and then I started managing a branch, and this is when all the experiences started to reap rewards,” shares Ahmed. “When there was a marketing campaign, I knew exactly what I was talking about. When we had a logistics issue, I was capable of solving it. When it was something technical, I could contribute a very experienced, balanced opinion.” It was the breakthrough he was looking for and it helped him establish a reputation as the go-to person in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for heavy equipment.

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Today, Ahmed is Weir ESCO’s district manager for the Middle East region where he is leveraging his breadth of experience and knowledge of the region to build market share. He joined ESCO in early 2019, shortly after its acquisition by Weir. At the time, geopolitical issues and poor working relationships with dealers in the region had taken a significant toll on sales. His assignment was unique in the organization at that time: find opportunities for ESCO and its sister division, Weir Minerals, to work jointly.

“It was a big mountain to climb,” remembers Ahmed. “I had a vision of how to restore and grow the business and the support of management to execute it.” Over time, Ahmed worked to establish stronger, collaborative relationships with customers and dealers by learning their needs and building trust.

“I split my time between visiting sites, meeting with customers and technical personnel, and managing our dealers,” he explains. “One of the things I’m most proud of is being able to build partnership relationships built on trust with our customers.”

Four years later, sales in the Middle East are thriving. In fact, Ahmed sold the largest bucket in the UAE in December. But he is quick to share the credit with his colleagues.

“Weir ESCO is a world-class company with world-class products,” he says. “The people are ultra competent, professional and passionate about what they do. It can be an intense environment, but that brings out the best in each of us. I look up to my colleagues and I hope they look up to me as well.”

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Join Ahmed and our diverse, award-winning teams to build an exciting career delivering innovative, world-class products for the global mining and infrastructure industries.
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