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I Belong: ‘Mining is About Community and I Truly Feel at Home’

Jennifer Arthurs

Warehouse Shipper and Receiver
  |  Sudbury, Ontario, Canada 
Joined ESCO Sudbury in 2018 

30 May 2023

Growing up, Jennifer Arthurs never pictured herself working in the mining industry. Her sights were set on becoming a veterinarian.

Born and raised in Sudbury, ON, Canada, the nickel capital of the world, Jennifer felt that a career in mining might seem like the natural choice. Her father and a few other family members even worked at local mines. But Jennifer, optimistic and adventurous as ever, was determined to find her own way.

Jennifer’s interest in the medical field led her to graduate with honors as a pharmacy technician. However, when she began her job search, the hospital was only hiring a dishwasher and laundress. She took the job.

Jennifer Arthurs, a member of the ESCO Sudbury warehouse team, spends part of her day assessing products and readying customer shipments.

While it was not the career path she had initially planned for, Jennifer saw the silver linings.

She saw each day as a positive and new opportunity to learn more, and create bigger and better ideas for her future.

One of those grand ideas paid off in 2018 when she decided to take a chance on herself and change her career path. Feeling unfulfilled and having recently been laid off, Jennifer stumbled upon a job as a shipper and receiver at ESCO Sudbury.

“I always saw myself going in the medical industry, because I wanted to help people, and I knew there would always be jobs,” Jennifer said. “So, when I found my way into mining, it was a surprise to me too—but I am so grateful for it.” 

Five years in, Jennifer wakes up each day excited to come to work and take on new challenges. As part of the ESCO Sudbury warehouse team, she is responsible for ensuring a wide array of products, including truck bodies, buckets and ground engaging tools get to customers safely and on-time.

“It is a lot of work, and I have to know every product that comes through the shop,” said Jennifer. “I love my job, because I am always learning and moving. I am never tied to my desk, and I feel like I am always supporting our customers.”

Jennifer’s impact goes beyond excellent customer service—she is also committed to her colleagues. Over the years, Jennifer has taken more responsibility in the warehouse by stepping up to apply new processes and better ways of working. “What we do matters. We help keep the mines in our area up and running. So, if we can do something better, make a change that helps our customers even more, I will figure out how,” she said.

And, no matter what she learns, she makes it a point to teach her colleagues. Jennifer quickly became the go-to person for getting things done right, a reputation that earned her the CIS Employee Recognition Award for her hard work, knowledge and contributions to the business last fall.

Her positive outlook and reservoir of ideas also come in handy in her role as a member of the site’s social committee. Her most recent contribution was a tasty chili cook-off that brought colleagues from every department together for a delicious competition.

When she is not shipping products or helping plan employee engagement events, Jennifer spends most of her spare time with her sister and nephew. Another benefit, adds Jennifer, of her career change. Feeling supported to put family first while also growing in her professional life is something Jennifer says has been very rewarding. And, as the only woman who works in the warehouse, she said she is proud to be on the ground and showing people that anyone can be successful in the trades.

“I am proud of everything I do here,” Jennifer shared. “The people and the environment we all work together to create is incredible. Mining is about community, and I truly feel at home.”

Jennifer goes above and beyond to help her colleagues learn and find efficient ways of working in their daily roles.
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