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Rachel Hanks

Employee Spotlight: Going Above and Beyond is Key to Professional Growth

Rachel Hanks  | Recently promoted to Branch Manager  |  Phoenix, Arizona
Joined Weir ESCO in 2014

When Rachel Hanks graduated from Oregon State with degrees in accountancy, business administration and workplace education, working in the mining industry wasn’t on her radar. Neither was becoming a sales operations leader responsible for growing market share, driving continuous improvement and instilling a strong safety culture. But that’s the thing about opportunity – you never know when it will change your career trajectory.

In her seven years with Weir ESCO, Rachel has advanced from senior division accountant to finance manager to global sales operations director. She is now the branch manager of the division’s Phoenix supply and service site. Under her leadership, the Phoenix team will continue to support the Arizona copper mines, a key area of growth for the business.

cable shovel dipper bucket at a mine site

Recently promoted to Phoenix branch manager, Rachel hit the road in August to visit customers. Here she’s seen with a dipper outfitted with ESCO GET at a mine site in Arizona.

“The great thing about this role is it’s so dynamic,” says Rachel. “One day I could be with an account manager out at a mine site working with our customers to solve their pain or seeing how our new product trial is progressing. The next day I could be at the ESCO fabrication facility walking the shop floor or working on strategy.”

Rachel says she finds meaning in her work by going above and beyond. “I strive to be that person my coworkers know they can count on. When they come to me with a problem, they know I will deliver and exceed expectations. I believe this type of work ethic develops personal trust and creates career opportunities. When you’re trusted, leadership wants you on their team.”

“Now I get to create that same trust with external customers, reassuring them that ESCO Phoenix will have their back,” she adds.

Rachel’s commitment to excellence inspires her advice to those just starting out. “There are so many opportunities for growth at Weir,” she says. “I tell new team members to learn the business regardless of what department they start out in. It would have been easy for me to just focus on finance, but it was important to work with my business partners and learn our products and business model. This not only expanded the effectiveness of my financial analysis, but also helped me find my true passion for leading a manufacturing site and sales organization.”

Come make your mark.

Join Rachel and our award-winning teams in building world-class sales operations throughout Weir ESCO’s global operations. Visit Careers.

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