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Finding Purpose in Developing New Smart Software Solutions

Ashwini Hasthantra  |  Software Engineer  |  Portland, Oregon 
Joined Weir ESCO in March 2021

ESCO’s innovative products aren’t limited to our wear parts, renowned for their durability and safety in the mining and infrastructure industries. Just ask Ashwini Hasthantra, a software engineer on our Smart Products team. 

“I work on a team that develops new solutions to the technical problems our customers are experiencing at their mine sites,” she explains.

Each day, Ashwini combines her software development talents with cutting-edge technologies like CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) pipelines and sensor technology to advance our proprietary GET Detect system, which helps mine operators monitor the location and status of their ESCO parts in real time. That’s a big deal, adds Ashwini, because the loss of a point on a mining shovel’s bucket can mean expensive downtime at the mine.

“I find purpose in seeing that the software I’m developing is making a difference, helping improve a situation for our customers,” says Ashwini. “My team adds value by helping customers keep track of their assets and optimize productivity in their business.”

Ashwini recently joined Weir ESCO after earning her master’s in computer science at Portland State. “The job is a complete package – it’s software development and the opportunity to work with many different programming languages and technologies. I would tell others considering a software development position here that, if they want to get their hands on the newest technologies and get experience with continuous development, this is the perfect team.”

Come make your mark.

Join Ashwini and our award-winning teams in developing innovative, value-added technologies for the mining and infrastructure industries. Visit Careers.

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