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National Engineers Week: Four Weir ESCO Engineers Share Their Stories

21 February 2023

“Always be learning.” “Surprising things can happen when you push yourself.” “Engineering allows me to explore my curiosity.” For this year’s National Engineers Week, we asked four of our engineers in global roles to share what drew them to engineering, what they have learned so far, and how they see the future of their profession.

As you will learn from the video below, for some, a career in engineering was their goal from an early start. Others took more circuitous routes to find their passion. Whatever the case, all four found careers at Weir ESCO that feed their craving for problem-solving, continuous learning and making a difference in the world with their work.

Amarachi Akuwudike

Senior Full Stack Developer
Weir Motion Metrics, Ontario, Canada 
Joined in June 2022

Fun fact: Amarachi left a career in banking to become an engineer!

Nimra Javed

Graduate Program Engineer
Weir ESCO, Nisku Fabrication, Alberta, Canada
Joined in June 2022

Fun fact: Nimra discovered engineering in high school.

Cam Leedham

Senior Design Engineer
Weir ESCO, Portland, Oregon
Joined in December 2007

Fun fact: Previously worked at Weir ESCO’s engineering facility in Edmonton, Canada, to expand his engineering knowledge.

Yuri Nogueira

GET Product Specialist
Weir ESCO, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Joined in January 2022

Fun fact: Yuri’s first career was as a welder.

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