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Chinese New Year 2023: Year of the Rabbit to Bring Peace, Luck and Hope

22 January 2023

Bright fireworks, colorful lanterns and traditional music will fill the streets this weekend as the 2023 Chinese New Year celebrations begin to usher in the “Year of the Rabbit.” 

While it is the most important annual festival in China, the lunar new year is honored across Asia with large-scale events in Korea and Vietnam and stretching as far as California.

The Lunar New Year, also known as Spring Festival, lasts 15 days and includes a publicly recognized week off of work. During this time, some of our Weir ESCO colleagues will gather with their families to celebrate longtime traditions, culinary treats, and honoring deities and ancestors.

The Year of the Rabbit is said to be one of hope as rabbits symbolize peace, calmness and luck. Those born in the Year of the Rabbit are considered to be good listeners, strong negotiators, ambitious and prefer to avoid arguments and conflict.

In honor of the new year, we invite you to learn how our colleagues, Kevin Xu, HR director, China, and Percy Chang, managing director, Asia, celebrate their families’ Spring Festival traditions. Their anecdotes were originally published in 2022, the “Year of the Tiger.”    

How do Our Colleagues Celebrate the Chinese New Year?

Kevin Xu, HR Director, China 

Percy Chang, Managing Director, Asia

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