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Adapting Traditional Recruiting Processes to Meet Candidates Where They Are

25 October 2022

The process of cultivating a diverse workforce can sometimes require adapting traditional recruiting and interviewing processes to meet candidates where they are.

Weir ESCO’s Australasia team is setting a great example. Tapping into growth-mindset thinking, the team has formed a new partnership with Specialisterne Australia, which helps businesses attract, train and support talented autistic and neurodiverse job seekers.

Despite possessing a desirable set of skills, including attention to detail, high accuracy, innovative thinking, loyalty and honesty, autistic individuals around the globe are frequently unemployed or underemployed. Australasia’s partnership with Specialisterne is one way our team is working to recruit candidates of all backgrounds into its workforce.

A fast-cut montage of Specialisterne candidates’ day-in-the-life experience at Weir ESCO. Video courtesy of Specialisterne Australia.
Matching playing card pieces is one of many activities Specialisterne uses to help neurodiverse job seekers showcase skills like problem-solving, memory, teamwork and more.

Specialisterne recruits differently, breaking down traditional recruitment methods that are often barriers for autistic job seekers. Rather than using traditional interview styles, candidates undertake a practical hands-on activity, present their conclusions and participate in a “day-in-the-life” experience on-site. 

Seeking to fill a warehouse position in Queensland initially, the Weir ESCO team worked with Specialisterne to arrange for shortlisted candidates to tour the site, meet the team and connect with the hiring manager. Candidates participated in multiple group activities to showcase their teamwork, problem solving, listening and communication skills. These activities also prompted the job seekers to further understand their own style of learning to support their transition into the workplace.

The unique process led by Specialisterne was a revelation, and our Queensland site will soon welcome a talented new team member from the Specialisterne program. Kudos and thank you to our Australasia team for its inspiring commitment to cultivating a more diverse workforce at Weir ESCO.

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