ESCO Engages Blog

Welcome to the ESCO Engages blog, a Weir Group publication! At Weir, our people take pride in making a difference around the world and in their communities. The ESCO Engages blog will feature the unique perspectives of our employees who are passionate about many worthy causes, from continuing education and community service to STEM advocacy.

Sometimes taking a untraditional career path and trusting in your instincts can help you tap into your potential. Three Weir ESCO women, Patricia Silva Moraes, Cristie Rozell and Hillary Swogger know this first-hand. They recently sat down and opened up about their personal experiences, including professional growth, taking risks and defining their career goals.

Mark your calendars and register today! Weir ESCO has announced its 2022 career fair schedule, including both virtual and in-person events for undergraduate students in Colorado, Georgia, Oregon and Washington.

What part of your heritage do you carry with you? In a brief video, three Weir ESCO colleagues share the importance of honoring their Hispanic and Latino culture.

Does building a successful career require adhering to a defined path or can unexpected growth opportunities be part of the mix? Five Weir ESCO colleagues share their personal growth journeys demonstrating how risk and reward go hand in hand.

Mehran Pestehei is driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and the desire to pass on that knowledge to others. In the latest installment of the “I Belong” series, learn more about Mehran’s dedication to collaboration and his intriguing career path that helped him find meaning in his work at Weir Motion Metrics.

Meet the eight talented Weir ESCO interns and graduates who are expanding their horizons and beating a path to the future of the mining industry. Spoiler alert: The future is bright.

After a nearly 60 years of combined service to Weir ESCO, Dee Dee Weber and Lora McCabe from Weir ESCO Sales will retire 27 July 2022. Learn how the pair navigated industry changes, built a strong reputation of excellent customer service and made a lasting impact on their colleagues and customers.

Tielly Castro loves a challenge. Find out how this Brazilian engineer’s passion for problem-solving drives her to develop insightful product solutions for customers’ unique mining equipment performance requirements.

Kevin Joseph has no regrets finishing school later in life. He says he has found his purpose with Weir Motion Metrics after forging his own unconventional path to get there. Read about Kevin’s unexpected journey in the latest installment of the “I Belong” series.

Ashwini Hasthantra combines her software development talents to advance our proprietary GET Detect system, which helps mine operators monitor the location and status of their ESCO parts in real-time.