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ESCO Engages Blog

Welcome to the ESCO Engages blog, a Weir Group publication! At Weir, our people take pride in making a difference around the world and in their communities. The ESCO Engages blog will feature the unique perspectives of our employees who are passionate about many worthy causes, from continuing education and community service to STEM advocacy.

To some, mining remains a stodgy, dirty, low-tech industry. In this thought leadership piece, Chris Carpenter sets the record straight by debunking four myths about the industry and explaining mining’s essential role in the global realization of a net-zero economy.

María José Vega is driven by passion for problem solving and her dedication to customers. Learn how the Weir Motion Metrics (WMM) sales manager became a leader in mining technology and how her contributions support WMM sales growth in Santiago, Chile.

The future of work at Weir ESCO is evolving, moving in step with changing workforce and workplace trends, the propagation of powerful new technologies, and shifts in industry and customer expectations. Learn more.

More than a dozen Weir ESCO employees provided their expertise and time to help run Baja SAE Oregon 2023, fueling international student interest in engineering and technical careers.

Alicia Jeffery’s natural leadership and ambition helps Weir ESCO build safer, stronger teams worldwide. Her story reminds us to never stand still in your career.

Feeling fulfilled in your career can look different to everyone. For ESCO Frameries’ Isabelle Crepin, working for a company with similar values helped her find a sense of belonging and the opportunity to gain experience in unexpected ways.

Meet Weir ESCO’s team in Bend, and Portland, Oregon, to learn the art of casting with community partners, Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, and High Desert Makers.

It’s not every day you get to brag about creating the world’s largest something, especially when that something is as remarkable for its production excellence as it is for its size. Weir ESCO created the world’s largest operating dragline bucket by drawing on its design engineering expertise and in-house innovations in metallurgy. The enormous bucket can move about 270 tons of rock and soil in one pass, filling faster, using less drag energy and delivering exceptional productivity.

Forging your own career path can lead you where you least expect it. For ESCO Sudbury’s Jennifer Arthurs, following in her family’s footsteps to pursue a career in mining was not part of her plan Things changed when she landed a job for a Canadian mining equipment company, giving her purpose and a sense of belonging.

Weir ESCO is on a journey of digital transformation, adopting technologies designed to drive increased efficiency and greater agility throughout the business. Among the top priorities has been identifying and implementing a new corporate performance management (CPM) platform to unify key finance processes, standardize forecasting models and facilitate greater job satisfaction within the finance team.

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